Moving is an emotional and a physical experience, and long time homeowners have unique and specialized needs when selling and moving. Having lived in a home for decades, most owners have accumulated many memories, and even more things. Assistance and expertise are needed to cope with the physical tasks of moving.

I work as a team with my sellers, and we make decisions together. My goal is to clarify what the client needs by listening and understanding. In addition to helping people sell their homes, I can help them find their next home whether it is an apartment, retirement community, condo or smaller home.

For most people, your home is probably your largest asset.  Moving often seems completely overwhelming and most people don’t even know where to start. Assisting folks with the moving process is my specialty. As a team we will work through every step; from deciding what to keep or let go, to making your home sale ready, and finding your next home. Let me assist you with maximizing your home's potential and realizing your long term goals!

Everyone's vision of downsizing is different. Some folks go from a large home to a downtown condo, while others go from a modest family home to an apartment.  Whatever your vision is, I am here to listen and identify just the right place for you and come up with a plan of action on how to get there.

Cari Clark - Austin's Downsizing Expert

Your HOme

Your Vision